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Escape Room Trento

It’s time to fight

The first Escape Room in Trento presents a brand new experience for Season 3.

Let’s experience an exciting adventure! Choose your household and show your valor.


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Escape the fort

The summer experience


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Room Escape, Escape Room o Get out the room…

There are many ways to call this experience imported directly form the United States, but the point is that you’ll have a lot of fun.


We tried our first roomescape during a holiday abroad, we had a lot of fun, we liked the idea and we decided to import it to Trento.


We are a group of friends composed of students and workers, with the passion for technology, action and logic games. We are not from Trento, but we studied and lived here for a long time so we consider this city a little bit ours. With FUGA our goal is to give back something to the city.

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FUGA – Escape Room

San Pietro 29 street, Trento, TN, 38122

Phone: 389 4623923
Hours: mon – sun / 09:00 – 23:00
Only with reservations